Week 2 (Branding)

Brand logos are a very important factor when establishing a new brand. Ever wonder why you can’t remember a relatively simple word but you can remember a simple brand logo? The reason people can recognize and remember a brand logo fairly easy is because of the fact that a brand or a visual identity does many things to establish itself within the logo. Brands where originally developed as a way of identifying livestock and cattle they have come a long way since then. For years brand logos have been used as a way to make a variety of companies stand out from global competition these companies include Adidas, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.

Brand Logos are so powerful that you can even recognize them upside down 

Mcdonalds_logo nike_swoosh image.axd


Sketch of a company logo i made.

By *Earl D. Jones*

2 comments on “Week 2 (Branding)

  1. Hi, Seems we lost each other! I hopped on my bike and even looked for you all. Searched pacific place too. No worries though.. please send me the handout you filled out as a group. Glad we at least had the one conversation on the way up to the shopping district. Sorry for the confusion.Hope it was fruitful. Best, Tony.

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