Week 5 (guest speaker)

Today for week five of survey of design a professional designer offered her time to guest speak for our class, her named was Britney McFarland. She previously went to and graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle a year and a half ago. She now works for one of the most well respected graphic design firms who serves clients internationally known as Deloitte. Previously, she worked at a graphic design firm called Ubermind but Ubermind and Deloitte joined forces to Create Deloitte digital. Britney became a team member of Deloitte as a user interface designer making well planned and successful images for the main website.

For part 2 of week 5 for my survey of design class i as well as other class members had to present our project presentation on one of the following primary products we orchestrated including a drill, vacuum or an emergency kit. Our main objective for all class groups was to accurately defend the product of our presentation to the class as well as to our class instructor Tony and our guest speaker Britney; a professional designer from a well-respected firm called Deloitte. Tony and Britney were to critique our product website and the product as a whole

For my group we selected and designed an emergency kit called Icare which our target audience was focused on mothers and their children from toddler to age five. While designing our product we wanted it to be for both genders not just for a specific gender group (boy or girl).Our emergency kit Icare would contain all of the necessary items that a child would need on a day to day basis this included clothes, coloring books or tracing pads for entertainment, diapers, ointments and all size bandages and soaps to disinfect a wound if needed to. Upon designing our product we thought it should be a great kit for mothers to take on the go, this included to parks or playgrounds, supermarkets and or places that would call upon Icare emergency kits. As a group we wanted to make Icare as a company that also had a Variety of choices within their products as well.  To give the company different choices within their products we had design various kits such as backpacks for a child, then for the mothers we also would have a handbag for convenience and easy portability. If the customers wanted to make their product have even more individuality we provided them with a website which allowed them to fully customize their kits in fully variety of colors of their choice. The design of the website was a two-page mockup, it was colorful and easy to navigate and enjoyable to the customers purchasing Icare kits.

Overall the presentation for or product went well, I believe I as well as my group felt pretty strong about our project and felt that we accomplished and or met the expectations provided. However we did have some minor mistakes but that’s okay because this was only the first time we did a project in this manner so it’s good we got to learn from our mistakes. On the good note this project was fun and I enjoyed working with my team to develop the overall product known as Icare. The fact that Tony had Britney from Deloitte Digital come in and tell us about what she does professionally inspired to work harder and someday work for a fun and successful firm as she does after I graduate.

The firm Our guest speaker works at. they Specialize in User interface disign.

The firm Our guest speaker works at. They Specialize in User interface design.

The old company Ubermind before becoming Deloitte

A picture i took of the old business card  from the company Ubermind before becoming Deloitte

Some logos i made for a project

Some of the logos i made for my group project, our product name was Icare

Some of the logos i made for my group project, our product name was Icare

The main page of the group project i as well as my group members designed.

The main page of the group project i as well as my group members designed.

By *Earl D. Jones*

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