Week 6 (The importance of a viral video)

In this new day and age the world has extremely revolved around Internet sharing allowing us as a society to communicate or express our inner feelings on the World Wide Web. We communicate and express or inner feelings through internet sharing devices called viral videos. A viral video refers to its true term, it’s a video that is created and becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing through video sharing websites, social media and email. Viral videos are videos that often contain humorous content or random hooks within the video that draws the audience to watch them. A viral video starts as a small video clip and through time the video gathers followers which in time followers would share it to friends and family making the video go viral around the world. Viral videos can be made on just about anything from advertising a product to current issues in the world or for just displaying funny moments within an individual’s life. When creating a viral video it doesn’t necessary have to be humorous but it has to be something that draws the audience into the video, it has to be a video that someone would want to reference to someone else in order for it to go viral. Advertising companies spend millions if not billions of dollars trying to come up with powerful concepts that grab people’s attention and persuade them to buy their product. If one can master the concept of how things go viral that would mean that we could easily use it in advertising which would be benefit towards different firms.

My viral Video i made

By *Earl D. Jones*

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